Journey Steps


Steps represent the “pages” that a customer goes through in the e-Commerce flow or in the portal. These steps can include Sign Up, Category, Confirmation and Details, Payment Details, Subscription Terms, and Cancellation.  

The look and feel of these steps can be determined in the e-Commerce template assigned to the page.  For additional information on e-Commerce pages, view the articles Templates, and E-Commerce Page Concepts.

Steps can be found in Journeys by navigating to Subscribe > Journeys > View Journey. 

Step Actions

From here, steps can either be added, edited, or deleted. For additional information on these actions, view:

Types of Steps

There are several types of steps available in PeakCommerce. For details about each, view the article on Types of Journey Steps.

Step Requirements

Certain steps are required for each of the journey types. If missing a required step, the journey will not load the in-app experience or in the e-Commerce page.

Journey Type

Required Steps

New Order

Sign Up, Category, Payment Details, and Thank You steps

Change Order

Category, Payment Details, and Thank You steps

Renewal Order

Category, Payment Details, and Thank You steps

Cancel Order

Cancellation step