User History


If multiple admins are working in and managing PeakCommerce, configurations can be changing without one's knowledge. In order to audit changes that have been made to a segment, PeakCommerce has implemented Login History, Audit Logs, and Acknowledgements.


To view the audit log for activity on a particular user:

  • Navigate to Users > All Users > select the user of choice > Actions > View

The Audit History can be found below the Login History.

Understanding the Audit Log

The following fields of information are included in the audit logs list:




The date and time stamp from when the changes were made.


The name of the admin user who made the change.

IP Address

The IP address of the admin who made the change.


The element that was changed. For example: First Name, Last Name, Status.


The type of change that was made. For example: Created, Field Updated.


The actions that have been taken towards this user's information. It is displayed as From: (original value) and To: (new value)

Third-Party Audit Logs

PeakCommerce supports the ability to utilize third-party systems for audit log purposes. For example, you can install code from Heap Analytics to see user clicks, movement and changes.