Editing a User


This article assumes PeakCommerce is your primary Customer identity Access Management (CIAM) platform using Auth0 as the IdP. For use cases where PeakCommerce is secondary, please visit the article: Creating a New User, Secondary CIAM.


If you need to modify an existing user in PeakCommerce, you can do this from the users list. This is best for modifying just a few at a time, like system administrators or marketing users. If you need to modify multiple users at once, we recommend using the API.

To modify a user:

  • Go to Users > All Users

  • Click edit from the actions button on the right as you hover over a user.

In the window that appears, any of the information can be edited for the user. This includes name, username, account number, profile, etc. If the username is updated, the user will receive a verification email to verify the new email address.

Delete Button

This will remove the user and all their information from the PeakCommerce platform, as well as Auth0.

Cancel Button

This will cancel any new edits made to the users account and navigate back to the users list.

Suspend User / Enable User Button

Clicking Suspend User will prevent the user from being able to access their portal. Their status in the admin user list will change from Active to Suspended.

If a user is suspended, the Suspend User button on the Edit User page will be replaced by an Enable User button. Clicking this button will enable the user to have access to their portal again and their status will change back to Active.

Reset Password Button

Clicking Reset Password will send a password reset email to the user. They will be able to change their password themselves securely.

Update Button

When any edits are made to the user information above, click Update to save the changes.


A user can update a limited amount of their information when logged into their portal. This applies to partners, sales reps, and customers.

Within their portal they can navigate to their username in the upper right-hand corner. When clicking on the username, dropdown options appear.

My Profile is where they can edit their own information including the following 3 fields:


If the user clicks edit next to name, they can enter a new first and last name then click Update.

Email Address

This refers to their username. It will edit the email they use to log in with, not the email on file for their billing information.

If the user clicks edit next to the email address, they can enter a new email for their username then click Update.

Reset Password

If the user is logged in they can change initiate their own password reset. Clicking the Reset Password button will send them an email from where they can change their password securely.

Note: If the user cannot get into their portal in because they forgot their password, they can also initiate a password reset from the log in page.