PAD Payment Method


Provided in this article are the steps to set up a PAD Hosted Page in PeakCommerce, assign it to a Profile, make a payment using PAD, and check the billing system records to ensure it was processed correctly. This article assumes the PAD Hosted Page and Payment Gateway have already been created in the billing system.

Set up Hosted Page

1. Create a PAD Hosted Page

  • Navigate to Payments > Hosted Pages and click "Add Payment Page"

  • Choose the PAD HP you wish to use from the dropdown list. This list is pulled from your billing system Hosted Pages list.

  • The Page Name will auto-fill the same name from the billing system. This name may be changed in PeakCommerce.

  • Type and Version will auto-fill

  • Partner Admin is not required

  • Select the PAD Payment Gateway in the billing system from the dropdown list

  • Adding a Host is not required

  • Click "ADD HPM"

2. Assign PAD Hosted Page to a Profile

  • Navigate to Users > Profiles, select the profile of choice and click "Edit"

  • Open the Configurations tab.

  • In the PAD Hosted Payment Page ID field, select the PAD HP that was just created from the dropdown list

  • Click "Update" to save the profile

3. Enable Direct Debit in Profile Permissions

This profile must also have the following two permissions set to enable use of Direct Debit.

Pay Invoices

For users to pay invoices using PAD, the Pay Invoices with PAD setting must be must be marked "Full" on the Pay Invoices tab.

Payment Method Permission

For users to be able to view the Direct Debit payment methods they have on file, add a new PAD payment method to their account, edit existing Direct Debit payment methods on their account, or do all of the above, the Bank Transfer Payment Method Permission on the My Account tab must be marked accordingly: View, Create, Edit, or Full.

Test Payment

1. Make payment as a customer

  • Log in as a customer with an open invoice.

  • Click "Pay an Invoice"

  • Enter an amount

  • Choose Pay With New Payment Method

  • Click the PAD option then click "Continue"

  • Fill in the payment information then click "Confirm"

2. Review the Transaction in the Billing System

The following instructions are specific to Zuora.

1. Open Zuora

2. Find the customer

  • Search for the customer by Name or Account Number.

3. Review the Default Gateway

  • For PAD to be a payment method option, a gateway which supports PAD (such as GoCardless) must become the Default Payment Gateway on the account.

4. Review the Default Payment Method

  • If the permission on the associated profile has "One-Time Purchase Persistent Permission" set to Full, or the user chose to process a one-time payment with the permission "One-Time Purchase Configurable Permission" set to Full, then the Default Payment Method should not have changed on the profile. If it is set to None or not chosen, the Default Payment Method should be the newly created PAD payment method.

5. Check that PAD was used for this particular payment

  • Under Transactions, go to the Payments tab, and click on the payment number. Make sure the Payment Method information aligns with the PAD payment information that was entered.

  • View the Additional Fields and verify that the payment gateway is the PAD one.