Enforce Quantity Product Rule


In the realm of customer service, it's common to impose minimum quantity requirements on certain available plans, often in conjunction with bundles. Within the PeakCommerce rules engine, you have the ability to establish product dependency rules and minimums for specific products.


Netflix serves as a straightforward illustration of the minimum license rule. Their plans typically combined streaming access with a set number of DVDs per month for a fee. For instance, opting for 5 DVDs was cheaper than selecting 10 DVDs, and so forth.

Consider the bundled plan offering streaming along with 5 DVDs at a time. Notably, Netflix often imposed additional restrictions, such as limiting access to 5 family members. This particular plan might have been termed the '5 Family Plan' or similar.

If a quantity of 5 is chosen for the first product, streaming, behind the scenes, the add-on of 5 DVDs must also be set to a quantity of 5.

To trigger this rule, set the event on the rule set to Quantity Changed.

The pseudocode is:

  Id = _____ ( or Name = ____ )

  Second Id = ______ (or Second.Name = _____ ) 

Q1 = 5 And Q2 = 5
Match Quantity


Note: Each and should be in a different tier. Logic checks tiers in reverse order on the backend