What SalesForce Apps does PeakCommerce natively integrate with?


PeakCommerce offers robust integration capabilities with several Salesforce applications, enhancing the functionality and efficiency of e-commerce operations. This integration allows for a seamless connection between PeakCommerce and Salesforce, providing a unified customer experience across various touchpoints.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud Integration

Functionality: PeakCommerce integrates fully with Salesforce Revenue Cloud, including CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) & Billing. This integration ensures that e-commerce experiences are harmonious and streamlined, facilitating effective sales operations and financial management within PeakCommerce.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration

E-commerce Journey: During the online shopping experience, several key interactions occur with Salesforce:

  • Lead Creation: When a visitor enters their email address on the website, a lead is automatically created in Salesforce.

  • Conversion to Account: If the visitor makes a purchase, the lead is converted into an account, and the user’s ID is entered into Zuora on the customer account record.

  • In-App Customer Creation: When a sales representative or customer service representative creates a new customer account in-app, the account is immediately created in Salesforce after the order is submitted. Similar to the e-commerce journey, the user’s ID is recorded in Zuora.

Salesforce Service Cloud Integration

Case Management: PeakCommerce is fully integrated with Salesforce Service Cloud, enabling:

  • Case Operations: Users can create, edit, comment on, and view their cases directly within PeakCommerce.

  • 360 View of Case History: Both users and Customer Support Representatives can access a complete view of case histories, enhancing customer support and service management.

Salesforce Communities Integration

Knowledge Base and Single Sign-On: PeakCommerce customers can utilize Salesforce Communities as a knowledge base platform. Key features include:

  • Content Delivery: Deliver content effectively to customers through Salesforce Communities.

  • Single Sign-On: Customers logged into Communities can automatically access PeakCommerce without re-authenticating, providing a seamless user experience.

Integration with Other Salesforce Apps

Data Synchronization: PeakCommerce sends data to Zuora and Salesforce in real-time. This real-time data flow enables:

  • App Interoperability: Any Salesforce app with access to these data records and objects can utilize the data provided by PeakCommerce, enhancing cross-app functionality and data utilization.

Integrating PeakCommerce with Salesforce applications streamlines various aspects of e-commerce operations from sales and customer service to billing and data management. By leveraging these integrations, businesses can enhance their operational efficiency and provide a more cohesive and satisfying customer experience.