Customer Hub Usage Information


Within the PeakCommerce Customer Portal, a specialized feature facilitates the effortless viewing of usage charges and associated details for subscribers. This feature enhances the customer experience by providing easy access to current usage information directly on the My Subscriptions page.

Enabling the Feature

To activate this feature in PeakCommerce, navigate to:

  • Company Settings > Company Information > Site Configurations > Subscription > Edit > Usage Plan (checkbox)

Please note that this feature will only be visible on the My Subscriptions page if the subscribed service includes usage charges.

Display Options

The display of usage charges can be customized with two view options:

  1. Top: Usage widgets appear prominently at the top of the My Subscriptions page for all subscriptions with usage charges.

  2. With Subscription Information: Usage widgets are nested within the respective subscription section alongside other charges.

To configure the display location for the tenant, navigate to:

  • Company Settings > Company Information > Site Configurations > Subscription > Edit > Usage Display Location.

Widget Components

The Usage widget comprises several fields providing key insights:

  • Charge Name: Displays the name of the charge in Zuora.

  • Details Link: Redirects to the Usage Details page for comprehensive information.

  • Current Service Period: Indicates the timeframe for current usage collection, based on the billing period.

  • Time Remaining: Displays the remaining days in the service period and a progress bar indicating the portion of time utilized.

  • Units Used: Shows the quantity of units used along with the unit of measurement (UOM).

  • Included Units (if applicable): Indicates the units used as a fraction of the total included units for the service period, accompanied by a progress bar.

Customization Options

The color and style of the progress bars can be customized within either the Global or My Subscriptions Layouts.

Navigate to:

  • User Interface > Layouts > Global or My Subscriptions to modify these settings.

Usage Details

Clicking on the "Details" link within a Usage widget redirects to the Usage Details page. Here, users can view a table listing all uploaded usage for the charge, filterable by specific date ranges.

Table Customization

Custom usage fields from Zuora can be added to the Usage Details table for enhanced visibility. To manage displayed fields, navigate to:

  • User Interface > UI Elements > and locate the Usages Table field

Usage Export

The Usage Details table can be exported as an Excel or CSV file, either in its entirety or based on filtered criteria. Customize export fields through:

  • User Interface > UI Elements > Usages Table field


Changes to Usage Details or Export fields may necessitate a reset of the Subscriptions Cache from Zuora for synchronization. Contact Customer Support to request a cache refresh.